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01-Jun-2016 09:43

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I read, with great interest, Erin Ann Mc Bride’s report on a survey of LDS single adults earlier this week.

I’d like to share some lessons I’ve learned in my practice, from loved ones who’ve been divorced or widowed, from singles I interact with at classes and firesides, and from my own life.

I’d watched friends, relatives, and ex-girlfriends tie the knot and start families.

I was happy for them, but had to fight off feelings of jealousy.

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I had experienced the pangs of loneliness, the self-pity of having my heart broken, and the desperation of ringing in year after year as an unwilling bachelor.

What’s more, I had to endure the well-intentioned meddling and prying inquisitions of married people who had forgotten (or never knew in the first place) how complicated the dating scene can be. My mother passed away and my father remarried, and my wife was divorced with a son when I met her.