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16-Feb-2016 00:09

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Most of my life, I have been overweight and faced a cross-section of cruelties from middle school through adulthood.

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Science shows that the equation isn’t as simple as too much food plus not enough exercise equals fat.Last year I read a stack of obesity, diet and nutrition books, adopted a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet, and lost 50 pounds.At Thanksgiving, I skipped the stuffing and slipped into my first pair of size 8 jeans.That was the week my girlfriend and I started dating.

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What does bother me is when my girlfriend feels excluded or like she’s holding us back from an experience because of her weight.“First of all, don’t say never,” I told her. adults are obese, which means there are probably a lot more people whose girlfriends and boyfriends are fat.

“There’s a lot of things I’ll never do with you, you know. We’re never going to jump out of a plane together, and I can’t ride a donkey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.”I’ll take a pass on falling out of the sky like human confetti or riding a fragrant donkey on a hot August day.

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