Dating whiting and davis mesh bags

22-Apr-2015 23:45

The Whiting & Davis application for trademark indicates they make "Metal Mesh Bags, comprised Wholly or in part of metal that is not precious, in All sizes and forms, both soldered and woven mesh." They give July 29, 1921 as the first use of their logo. The cancellation of the trademark is dated June 21, 2003.

This rare "Moxie" advertising bag was sold at auction in 2003 for 49.99.

Moxie is considered to be the first mass marketed soft drink. Archer, who appeared in many of Moxie's ads, promoted the soft drink in every form of advertising medium of the time.

These items included: kids toys, piano rolls, recordings, sheet music, Moxie Candy, loving cups, china and silverware given away at civic events, lap boards for picnics, fans featuring silent movie stars of the era, and massive national advertising in printed media.

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Originally, Moxie was touted as a patent medicine guaranteed to cure almost any ill including loss of manhood, "paralysis, and softening of the brain".

These claims were revised slightly (more than slightly, actually) with the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906.

Many of these ads featured stars of film, stage, and sports celebrities, not unlike what we see on the tube these days. Cohan were amongst the many celebrities who made Moxie ads.

In the early 60's, even Ted Williams was a spokesperson for Moxie. But there are few examples to match these examples of the drastic changes history can bring to such a seemingly apolitical object as a lady's handbag.

The bag measures 6 x 4" and, aside from tarnish on the frame appeared unused in perfect condition.Moxie was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1884 by Dr. The proximity of the businesses might explain the existence of this bag.

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