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26-Aug-2015 23:59

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Even if Magix still did make releases once a year, you know that a purchase in January will make you eligible for a new release in August (or whenever), even though you bought in January.It would flatten the sales and reduce the spikes and troughs. It's unsafe to assume Xara will necessary switch to that model, though they may well do.I wonder if Magix is intending on dropping the Xara name. In any event, the posting of the announcement by Magix is somewhat irresponsible without proper clarification.It's somewhat sad that you pointed this out rather than someone from Xara. There seems to be some redundancy between Magix and Xara in the newsletter/magazine area.

There are also and which seem to be just advertising, with little content, but at least with some links to other places. And there is Xara Xone, which at least gets a link from TG. Xara and Magix announce the same things at different times but make no reference to the matching magazine/newsletter site.Magix has announced a new subscription type method for its products and I already have one of them (Audio & Music Lab Premium - no date, no number). There will likely be Xara Designer Pro X, but not X12, etc. If you don't renew, you can keep using the product but get no new updates. It won't make any real difference when you buy the subscription because there is no single time when everything happens. There will only be the product name, like Xara Web Designer, no number, no date. It is not clear if new features would come out in dribs and drabs, or in a new release as today. With a subscription model Magix can do continual updates rather than a load of features once a year.They even offer competing prices on the products of each side.

This should solve problems of having to set up everything each time a new version was purchased, and maybe new features will come out as they are developed. Currently everyone waits until the new software version is released so there's a massive spike in income around the release and probably a massive dip just before it - the software income will be somewhat seasonal. It should mean getting feature updates much quicker. I look forward to the new product announcements each year.