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22-Feb-2015 14:42

Frazier's humor is reminiscent of fellow New Yorker contributor Donald Barthelme's, but is generally less philosophical and more slapstick. Ian Frazier's "Dating Your Mom," despite its rather disturbing title, is an unparalleled collection of the author's early writings, most or all of which appeared in "The New Yorker." The book reels from essays reviewing the Bloomsbury Group's appearance at the Apollo Theatre to the delightful speculation on what kind of an airline pilot Samuel Beckett would have been.

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I was thinking this morning that perhaps "Dating Your Mom" (the title piece itself) is making a point about the banality of evil in self-help books--that is, saying that self-help books encourage you to look out for number one without noticing what the cost may be, as epitomized by the earnest advice that one should date one's mom, perhaps the greatest taboo in Western culture. But the essays made me SCREAM with laughter and I used to re-read them every six months, dreaming that I might ever find something so funny again.

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Open Dating Your Mom to any page and begin to read; chances are you won't make it 10 seconds without laughing.

"You've really kept your figure Mom, and don't think I haven't noticed." Perfection.

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