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RCYBP stands for Radio Carbon Years Before the Present, although it is abbreviated in many different ways.

Quaternary Research Center AK-60, University of Washington.

In general, radiocarbon dates can be calibrated by using comparable dendrochronological dates or other known dating systems.

Numerous software programs have been developed to complete the calibrations for the investigator, including a new online version of the best known software CALIB.

Stuiver, Minze and Bernd Becker 1986 High-precision decadal calibration of the radiocarbon time scale, AD 1950-2500 BC.

In brief, radiocarbon dating compares the amount of c14 in a dead animal or plant to the available carbon in the atmosphere.

But, carbon in the atmosphere has fluctuated over time, and so raw RCYBP dates must be calibrated to a more accurate time value.

Common Abbreviations for RCYBP: C14 ka BP, 14C ka BP, C ka BP, radiocarbon years, c14 years before the present, rcbp, carbon-14 years before the present, CYBPCommon Abbreviations for Calibrated Dates: cal BP, cal yr.

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Calibrated dates are typically listed in publications with the word "cal" after it.

The correction data for calibrating RCYBP dates is derived from available dendrochronological records within a given region, a fact which has spurred the extension of tree ring research.

It is a shorthand reference to the uncalibrated date recovered from carbon 14 dating.

This glossary entry is part of the Dictionary of Archaeology.

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The latest information about available correction dates is published in the journal Radiocarbon and available for download in a free file called Int Cal09 Supplemental Data.

Read more about the Radiocarbon Revolution, part of the Timing is Everything short course on archaeological dating.

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