Datingbelgie 43

20-Apr-2015 00:41

I get ' There is a system repair pending which requires reboot to complete.

My PC keeps shutting down randomly When it shuts down it doesn't just shut down like the power has been unplugged, it turns off as though i have pressed shut down Specs: AMD Athlon II 640 4gb RAM (2x2gb) ATI Radeon HD 4830 512mb powered by Corsair CX430 (modular) It has worked fine for 5 months.

Thanks in advance Do you by any chance have a PS/2 mouse (Non-USB)?

Well, if you do try replace it with a USB one to see if stat works.

Restart Windows and run sfc again', but unfortunately i can't reboot because of the update problem.:| If it's not already, install KB937287 by itself.Lang niet iedereen is te vinden voor het concept van online dating.After that's done install other/remaining updates one at a time.Once all others are done, install any Service Packs that may be waiting in the update queue.

Another thing is that Windows may be installing updates because she hasn't had it online in quite awhile.So it may be updating and when it's done, it may just shut down after that.