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Splurging where we deem it necessary, and pulling back in other places in order to balance it all out. Some days we might stay up too late and on other days we are up and about before the sun blinks into existence. This allows us to be more apt to take advantage of impromptu opportunities; like to going to a surprise midnight concert that our favorite band just tweeted about. Though, beyond that, I suppose that there can be a positive spin to this. So, yes, the majority of us are not yet to the point in our careers where we are “rollin’ in it”. It is *because* we are subject to unpredictable/multiple income streams, that we have basically been forced into understanding how to responsibly handle our finances. We are used to things being thrown at us at the last minute and being expected to take it all in stride. Trust me, you’ll want us around when the zombie apocalypse befalls us all. Not only the verbal cues, but also the much more subtle nuances of the human behavior that most Normies tend to miss. If you really find yourself thinking this about your significant other, then you have bigger problems than you realize.