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28-Aug-2015 23:23

China is known to be diverse and exotic in many ways, but it’s not just all about food, language and scenery.

What is also different and makes our lives more exciting here in China are the cultural differences in dating! Of course, no matter what cultural background, an ideal relationship should be based on your feelings for one another, but it can still get a bit tricky when you’re somewhere else.

Here’s my take – Get ready to find out what makes dating in China different from the West! Is it socially acceptable for girls to ask guys out? There is not much you could do wrong since most Asian guys would pretty keen for a chance to date a Western girl, to the point where it’s often even considered linked to an issue of “national pride”.

One should keep in mind that age is an important factor considering commitment.Of course, these tips are more general guidelines than hard-core facts.But in China guys definitely prefer to chase a girl instead of being the chased as this is the traditional way and makes the girl appear shy and cute. Chinese girls also appreciate Western guys very much, as they are considered as quite attractive. As we all know, it changed in the West during the last century to the point where bill sharing, colloquially known as “going Dutch”, is acceptable.For a Chinese girl though, her friends and family influence who she dates, so if you manage to win their approval, you’re good to go. In Western countries flowers and chocolates are still a big deal, especially on special occasions such as St. For sure there is no girl that wouldn’t be touched by those presents, but they are not usual in China and might be interpreted as pretentious. In China though, a place famous for preserving its old tradition, women often expect their boyfriend to pay for the dinner dates.

Cultural habits are changing and assimilation is often observed between Western and Chinese customs, but just keep them in mind and go get yourself a nice date – Chinese style. I opened this hot chick at a dance club–while she was dancing with her boyfriend–and she asked me to buy her a drink.