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03-Aug-2016 15:18

We all think of the Forget Me Not as a small blue flower, but in reality it is so much more than that.

When I am not working hard for Southall escorts I like to do historic research.

But I have noticed that Tim wears a blue Forget Me Not flower on the lapel of his suit jacket, and I would imagine there is a lot more to this passionate man.

Not every one can join this new order but a select few can.

I suspect that Tim is a Templar but he will never say so.

A lot of Templar knights were killed but many of the still survived.

It is not easy to find out information about the Knights Templar but one of my dates at Southall escorts is a really good source.

We can trace the use of the Forget Me Not back for many hundreds of years.

I have spent many hours talking to my friend Tim at Southall escorts and I find his knowledge of the Templars amazing.Thanks to the Forget Me Knot there is still a Templar order within the Free Masons today.It was during one of those sessions at the British library I came across the Forget Me Not and realize how much it has always meant.It has followed us through history and has been the sign of secret societies and used as a special code many times over.

I think that he is a secret member of the Masons but he has never officially told me so.

If he is a Mason, I suspect that he is a very high ranking Mason.

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