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05-Dec-2015 09:16

Hell, you’re even happy to do the 2 am pickup from the club to drive their drunk asses home with a Mc Donald’s drive-thru in the mix, too.

As soon as you come face to face with the co-captain of most likely half your text messages, it’s easy for things to get awkward as you try a bit too hard to make him like you.

Let’s be honest: You’re continuously having flashbacks to the multiple Facebook photos of them in clubs, and your boyfriend is thinking of all the future Instagram photos of you and his best friend.

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Here are five inevitable stages of getting to know your boyfriend’s best bud: Don’t listen to anyone who ever says otherwise because the honeymoon stage is the best damn thing in the entire world.

Prepare yourself for spontaneous gifts, multiple date nights and loved-up drunk (or sober) texts that will make you swoon left, right and center.

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