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05-Feb-2015 03:12

I'm amazed by how well they have captured my personality and how attuned their intro messaging service is. I would like to thank Amanda very much for her professional and friendly approach.I had been very apprehensive about having my dating profile revamped, but Amanda made it a very enjoyable and fearless experience.Views and messages have gone up a ton since my profile revamp & I remember now how much fun dating can be! First off, if you're having reservations or you're unsure about buying the packages from these guys, 100% do it! I narrowed it down to about 4 or 5 girls who I really like. I’m surprised at how many got in touch with me first, telling me how they thought my profile was funny and brought a smile to their face (good one guys! Which, seems quite desperate and needy in retrospect.) and hot hot they thought I was (thanks to my mate Rob for taking the pic! So, it’s good to take my time and appreciate each girl for who she is.

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I have been so impressed with the Fix My Profile team.They have been responsive from the first point of contact.