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But she adds: 'I have no doubt in my mind that it is not helpful. If I had a young daughter now there's no way I would have her circumcised.'Sameena, 22, a member of the Indian Dawoodi Bohra community, is gradually coming to terms with the knowledge that she was circumcised at seven.

She is currently living her dream of being a graduate student at an Ivy League school in America The struggle within Bilqis and her Dawoodi Bohra community reflects a growing debate over the best way to address a custom that is proving stubbornly hard to eradicate. predicts the number of victims will increase significantly over the next 15 years because of population growth.

The Dawoodi Bohras are an affluent trading community of about a million people concentrated mostly in Mumbai, but also seen across the United States and Europe.

In the winding lanes of a Bohra neighborhood, observant men are distinguished by white and gold embroidered caps and beards.

Women wear a long, colorful tunic down to their ankles, and a scarf over their hair.

Indian Dawoodi Bohra women are seen here in Mumbai, India.

Instead, she was taken to a dingy room in a back alley. She did not understand what had happened until her 30s, when she read about female genital mutilation.

Sameena's mother, Bilqis, poses for a photograph in Mumbai, India.

The slender 50-year-old doctor defends what is widely known as female genital mutilation within her small, prosperous Shia Muslim sect in India, saying it's a mild version that amounts to 'just a little nick.

No harm done.' Yet she also acknowledges regret and guilt at putting her daughter through a practice the United Nations calls a violation of girls' rights.'It's really nothing, it changes nothing,' repeats Bilqis, who asks to be anonymous except for her religious name because of the personal nature of the subject.

The community has a longstanding tradition of circumcising girls, known as khatna, going back to their roots in Yemen and its proximity to northern and northeastern Africa The Bohras are known for their liberal attitude toward the education of women.

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The slender doctor, who was circumcised as a child, defends what is widely known as female genital mutilation within her small, prosperous Dawoodi Bohra community in India'They always say it's just a nick and a touch, but there are incidents where things have gone horribly wrong,' says Masooma Ranalvi, who broke the silence around female genital mutilation in her community last year with a series of online petitions that sought to ban it.Ranalvi remembers when she was 7, her grandmother promised her candy and ice cream.