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24-Mar-2016 15:04

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Beliefs based on fear, abuse, past disappointments and loss can put up a complete roadblock on your journey to love. How Killer Beliefs Work to Kill Off Love Lasting, passionate love does exist—this has been proven by recent brain research!

But it takes work, and a good part of that work is managing killer beliefs.

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The trickiest part is that an intimate relationship tends to bring to the surface the disappointments of past relationships and even childhood wounds: the abandoning father, the judgmental mother, the first love who dumped you, the ex who took everything in a nasty divorce.

Traumatic events cause our brains to rewire their connections so that they react to and are stressed by similar situations.

In this post you'll learn about the powerful force is at the root of your disappointments in love: your beliefs.

Beliefs underlie and shape our experience, our perceptions of reality, our moods and emotions and everything we say and do.

We are aware of many of our beliefs but others lurk just underneath the surface.These hidden beliefs tend to shape the most important parts of our lives, without us being aware that they are doing so.