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02-May-2016 14:26

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And I do work – but I take on more family responsibilities than Mark does. Get electronic access to his calendar Mark granted me read/write access to his calendaring system.

I don’t call when I see he is in a board meeting or meeting a important investors.

We have a deal that in exchange for not bugging him about scheduling I’m free to make important plans around his calendar.

Anyway, as I winnowed my way through the comments section of my blog post on relationships I realized my own wife has posted a response!

As she is quite accomplished in her own right so I take her opinion very seriously.

He was always over-scheduled, traveled constantly, had too little admin support and fell into the traps of a young workaholic.

So I had to learn how to best interact with him to be a supportive partner yet get what I wanted / needed, too.

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I found that often the reason I need to speak to him was to figure out social plans, travel schedule or to block stuff out when he has important kid-duty stuff.

I use the calendar for scheduling so I don’t have to bug him about when he is free.

I had images in my brain of all of the stresses I had placed on my wife in the heyday of my startups.

We once took a “vacation” in Spain with Tania’s parents but we were in the midst of an M&A transaction so this photo is how my wife & her family remember me on that trip (on right).

Here are my top tips (and I still use these with Mark! Obviously these are written from the female head-of-household point of view with a working husband.

But I’m sure many would apply if the situation were reversed.

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