Demonoid upload ratio not updating

03-Sep-2016 13:40

then it says "check your port forwarding for TCP 46457" the test also failed later on while testing UDP.

it says "sending outbound packet and waiting for reply probe=5000, 1000" then it says "check your port forwarding for UDP 46457" I would guess that there is something wrong with the trackers on the other downloads you are trying to run.

The test that prag had you run does mean that your ISP is not blocking that entire site (this is good news). Finally, the ports you are using are just outside of the recommended range. So I would start by changing to ports in that range (especially since you are having problems). It is a problem with your ISP -- or more correctly with your ISP being torrent unfriendly. there would not be much point to your ISP's efforts would there. No that will not solve the problem with you being blocked from getting peer data from the torrent site in question.

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Ok #2 the fact that your ports are not forwarded is not a critical problem. So if you are not uploading as much as you would like (or enough to keep a healthy ratio) you need to get those ports forwarded. There are some (in my opinion) minor security concerns with running u Pn P so depending upon the nature of your home network and or your risk tolerance level . I am also having this issue, but I've only noticed it with some of the torrents that I have UPLOADED onto Kickasstorrents ( they alerted me to the problem by asking me to continue seeding my torrent - I thought I had been, but nope apparently not!

It does mean that you can not initiate connections to peers but you will still be able to connect to them (eventually). If you know how to forward ports you can stop reading now. ) I'm incredibly technically challenged, lol ( believe me, uploading a torrent was a task and a half for this brain ) and now it's turning pear-shaped.....