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12-Sep-2015 01:21

I appreciate friendship but real of course, I love children, animals, nature! No, I am not a professional, of course, but for sure an addict :). Because to be a man - it's not only words, but his action shows him. I am target-oriented, I am always trying to achieve my goals.

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All my active life runs in Kherson, which gives me hundreds of possibilities and thousands of Pierian springs. Of course I had some experiences :), but everything is already in the past and I am open for new horizons :). I am melting in his loving and caring hands and all the world doesn't exist for both of us. He will teach me how to appreciate little happinesses in life and with him I am becoming not so sharp in my judgments and deeds.

I have always considered photography the realization of unrealized possibilities, a chance to feel for a moment as someone who you have never been. I am losing my usual selfishness and feel satisfaction from caring about him, setting his interests above mine. To feel his care, attention and give him in response even more. Let the thousands of kilometers be between us, it doesn't matter at all, because my soul is warmed up with his love, Let me introduce myself. I am grateful to my parents for this beautiful name. It means "chosen", "light", "bright", "sparkling", "sunny" and "fiery". Generally, talking about me many good things is not humble, but yet I am a sweet, attractive, sensual, good-mannered woman. I am a good mother and a good hostess of my house :).

If it is you I will look forward to hearing from you.

Would you kindly let me steal your attention with me? I’m full of energy and if you ever happen to be out of breath you can count on me. It’s been growing for a long time without my partner. My affection grows further than a little love affair. I take it’s so due to our mentality, because I am a girl of traditional values and I don’t mind being courted by my man who I’d like to payback with my care and a hospitable atmosphere at home.

Thanks to sports I have learnt how to set a goal and to achieve it, not to be upset about misfortunes, it has worked out patience in me. I think, when I meet him, my life will become bright and colorful. And he is ready to come through thousands of kilometers, leave aside his all important businesses so that he could be with me and support me.I am a photographer by calling and I am actively working at it so that I could call myself a photographer by job. And all this colorless boring routine which surrounds me will be not important any more because my morning is starting with his soft kiss. I am crying in his hands and he is kissing my salty from tears lips an whispers - "everything will be all right, babe, you will cope with it".