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27-Aug-2016 00:10

Originally built as a “little cottage” in 1838 for Lady Frances Cooke Grimston, there is a spacious hall, with several rooms off it.

The young staff were welcoming, and the bar was pretty impressive with 50 or so gins, 100 whiskies and a good choice of beer, including local The 3 Brewers and Tring.

I was so pleased to hear that The Prae Wood Arms had opened, after the lovely building on the Redbourn Road had been closed for so long.

Renovations started back in January, and the new pub, part of the Brunning & Price group, opened two weeks ago.

There is a very long menu, with, I am sure, something for everyone on it.

We tried to find the walk advertised on the website, but I think you need to go back up to main road, rather than go through the garden; maybe this will become more accessible in the future.

Walking into the pub feels like entering a grand house, and you can see how it was a hotel many years ago.

I tried the Brunning & Price original bitter, which was perfect for pub food.

There is space to just go for a drink, but most people were eating lunch, and you do need to book; it was pretty full when we went.

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