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26-Feb-2016 03:58

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Who You’ll Meet: A perfectly nice and relatively sane-upon-first-encounter dude who is generally two to three inches shorter than he looks in the pictures you passed around to all of your friends before you agreed to go on the date.

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Say there’s a new Chinese-Cuban-Indonesian fusion place that opened up on your block.

Maybe you want to go there one night, because you enjoy clever fusion and you’re hungry, but you’ve never been and don’t want to waste your money on some greasy noodles.

In this instance, Yelp does the legwork for you, but there’s no such great rating system for online dating sites.

What It Is: Tinder is your one-stop shop for unsolicited dick pics.

This app is good for a quick fix, a self-esteem boost, a tiny booster shot of possibility every time you swipe right on someone who seems like they might be a good time.Tinder is what you do when you’re waiting to meet your friend out at a bar or a coffee shop, and you’ve run out of Candy Crush lives.