Dns server reverse lookup not updating Teen flirt chat

28-Sep-2016 14:53

If you're not sure if you have Mac OS X Server or Mac OS X client installed on your system, then you likely have Mac OS X client.

Additional related topics are referenced in the section at the bottom that discuss external DNS services and public-facing DNS and related topics; on what goes on on the network located outside of your external gateway-firewall box.

This sequence is specific to the server version of Mac OS X software, and to one of the server administration tools that are used with Lion Server (10.7 server) and Snow Leopard Server (10.6 server) environment.

This describes how to configure DNS services on Mac OS X Server 10.6 (Snow Leopard Server) using Server within the Server Tools, and also applies to Mac OS X Server 10.7 (Lion Server), 10.8 (Mountain Lion Server) and 10.9 (Mavericks Server) configurations when Show All Records setting is selected within the tool.

If you are seeking to configure a DNS server reference for your Mac OS X client system, or adding a DNS server reference for a Mac OS X Server box that is not providing DNS for your network, please see DNS Tips: Referencing A DNS Server On Mac OS X.

There exists a key demarcation here at your external gateway-firewall box.

This article discusses the portion of DNS and the network within your gateway-firewall; inside this demarcation.

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The external firewall here simplifies your network organization, and it provides an easy gateway for your internal routing, and you can avoid using a Mac box as an expensive and slow and comparatively difficult to configure IP router.

Mac OS X Server needs DNS running, either locally, or somewhere within its network.

Failure to have functional forward and reverse DNS (r DNS) available will cause various instabilities, and will cause to flag errors.

(The changeip command is specific to Mac OS X Server, and usually used to change an ip address; here the command is used to test local DNS services for the host.) The resulting DNS server configuration knows local host names and address translations, and can forward other client DNS queries along to an ISP DNS server, or to a local DNS forwarder.

These DNS translations are only available to clients on the network or via VPN; inside your demarcation.

This article and this configuration sequence very specifically avoids creating a publicly-visible and publicly-accessible DNS server.

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