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Once the law is passed, Rodríguez says, Ecuador’s LGBT organizations will launch a campaign to convince all open-minded people to opt for the gender field on their state ID as a show of solidarity. By letting people self-identify their gender, Ecuador will join a small group of nations that are on the leading edge of a new sexual revolution.

In the Americas, only Colombia, Argentina and New York City allow people to self-identify their sex without a doctor’s note or proof of surgical treatment.

Nepal, India, Australia and New Zealand provide a third-gender option on state IDs, but don’t allow self-determination without medical proof.And anything that helps people self-identify in an accurate way is a good thing, Silverman says.Tim Rogers, Fusion's senior editor for Latin America, was born a gringo to well-meaning parents, but would rather have been Nicaraguan.Also, he's the second hit on Google when you search for "Guatema...

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“And that vindicates me as trans, because I’m trans.” The issue of “sex” versus “gender” is not just semantics, Rodríguez insists. Sex, she says, is about the biological characteristics you are born with or assigned at birth. Simply put, Rodríguez says, sex is private and gender is public.Ecuador’s law would be the first in the world to make that distinction.

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