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04-Jun-2016 16:32

L-cystine is added as a reducing agent and is also an essential amino acid. Moreover, the media is enriched with an egg yolk suspension to detect the production of lecithinase and lipase and for the detection of proteolytic activity. Proteolysis is noted by the development of clear zones in the medium surrounding colony growth. Hardy Diagnostics Egg Yolk Agar, Modified is a non-selective medium that contains enzymatic digests of casein and soybean meal that supply amino acids and other complex nitrogenous compounds to promote growth.

Consequently, the release of insoluble free fatty acids results in the formation of an iridescent sheen (oil on water) that can be seen when the plate is held at an angle to a light source. As compared to lecithinase, lipase is not diffusible and produces a reaction only on the surface of the agar in the immediate vicinity of the colony.