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Ryan Choi AKA Atom A professor at Ivy University, Ryan Choi discovers his mentor’s “bio-belt,” which allows him to manipulate size and density — of himself.

Why would Nostradamus know that and more importantly, why would he care? You spend eight minutes talking with each candidate, then at the end of the night you let the organizers know which one(s) interest you and leave your number for them. The guy doesn’t stop moving and I’m getting dizzy and I don’t even think it’s the wine I’m drinking.

It made no sense, but it did get me to thinking about my future. I did what any modern girl who’s not ready for online dating would do: I checked out Eight-minute Dating. If they’re interested in you, they let the organizers know that and you swap numbers. Which, trust me, I need because the guy is stressing me out.

As Superman, he’s more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings, bend steel in his bare hands, yadda yadda. He’d never use that cheap pickup line “I can guess what color underwear you’re wearing,” although he actually . Anyways, there’s one other little problem: Clark Kent/Superman has been in this country for 72 years. I have enough problems without waking up to ICE at my front door. La Traviata is onstage, there are roses, champagne, then suddenly Bruce is gone. It’s another ride home with Alfred while Bruce goes out to fight crime as the Caped Crusader – with that young boy Robin he spends an awful lot of time with. Every night he’s out and when he’s home, he’s either sleeping, coming up with new gadgets or talking about his job. Kyle Rayner AKA Green Lantern Another guy who can pull off a one-piece bodysuit, Kyle Rayner’s got some good attributes, but he carries a bit of baggage.

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This is the kind of guy who still wears a Members Only jacket and listens to Wham! Tony Stark AKA Iron Man Rich, brilliant and handsome, he works, but he plays too.He’s the kind of guy you love, just “not in that way.” He’s the kind of guy who’s just On the bright side, he’d probably go to Comi Con with me — and dress up as a superhero. Maybe a little too much, but still …he knows how to treat a woman. I’ll leave my number – along with ever other woman in the room.I do catch, however, that in addition to being really, really fast, he’s able to control the speed at which his body vibrates (uh-uh, no way, I’m not touching that one.Come up with your own joke.) He can vibrate at speeds so fast that he’s unable to be seen with the naked eye. Plus, he’s lived with a lot of women — check the DC database — which is rarely a good sign. Clark Kent AKA Superman OK, even with his buff bod, as Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent is a dork with a capital “D”.

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So I stopped at CVS on my way home, and there near the checkout was a tabloid with the headline, “Nostradamus knows your future.” It really freaked me out.I mean, how does he know that I’m going home to make macaroni and cheese, because my husband’s not home and he does all the cooking?