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06-Nov-2014 07:15

In the end, he will be left financially exhausted, and " she" will continue to pretend like she is just one Western Union money transfer away for finally being able to meet her beloved. An adorable and lonely gay guy from Russia will be the main character of the same travel story, with very minor changes.Most scammers ask money for one or more of the following: - passport, visa, tickets - travel insurance - fines for failing to officially register their stay in Moscow - financial solvency money ("pocket money," "travel money," "money to show to the customs," "money to show to the Embassy") - money to pay off a loan or a mortgage - sale taxes on the her apartment - emergency medical expenses for the girl or her relatives (illness, car accident, death in the family) - bail money / to pay fines for minor "accidental" violations of the law - taxes supposedly owed on the previous money transfers - money to replace stolen funds - ransom money / financial debt to mafia - presents for herself and her family at holiday times - luxury items (cell phones, clothes, etc) What the victim of the scam never realizes, however, is that behind all the seductive pictures and behind all the warm and passionate letters hides a cynical, manipulative, and sleek mastermind of the crime - a cyber thief of hearts and wallets.The scam will go on for as long as the guy is willing to continue sending money to help his "Russian princess" to get through her never-ending travel misadventure.The bait will keep the "flames of his love" alive by periodically chatting with him on the phone or sending him descriptions of "her" erotic fantasies.And so " she" will reluctantly ask for financial help again.

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In the money keep coming, the "lady" will continue to experience difficulties.

"She" will get robbed or attacked, may become injured or sick, may suddenly get arrested, or her apartment may get flooded or burned.

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Having a life long partner, children and a family home. Really just looking for friendship, someone to share days out, trips to the pictures even just lazy Sundays on the sofa. Interested in music arts walking photography.describe myself as happy go luck no hangups or baggage like honest warm people like meets and see how things go.. … continue reading »

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