Entourage inbox not updating

05-Aug-2016 02:17

I am getting Error: -3253 "Connection to the server failed or was dropped." "Explanation: Could not retrieve mail." even though in Terminal i can traceroute to the server with no problems.

However, every now and then all my messages come thru.

i have spent 5 days investigating this problem with our server support and they can't figure it out.

also, i switched from Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2011 and both are having the same problem.

These items are stored in the Data Records folder in your Identity. Find your Identity folder in the Finder: Your User’s folder/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity/Data Records 2. In the Finder, enter the search term in the Spotlight search box.

Outlook has a new database and you’ll find rebuilding easier and faster than rebuilding an Entourage database. You might need to create smaller files for Outlook to import or try Email Chemy (third party option) to import.

Read about the new database in this post: Outlook, Outlook, how does your Database grow? Note: updates have improved import, but there are still issues. When you open Outlook, select to rebuild the database If you have a message that will not delete and rebuilding does not fix the problem, you can delete the message in Data Records.

if the settings were wrong it wouldn't ever be able to connect, and if it was the server i wouldn't be able to traceroute there successfully every time.

Update: ever since i turned off the send & receive schedule (set to 3 min) it seems to be working fine.but i really need to have it check mail automatically so i can see when there is new mail on the doc icon.sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't.it has worked fine for years and then suddenly stopped receiving mail (sending mail is fine but that is thru my ISP host, not my business domain).

Often when importing from an older version, you will need to export your data as or files rather than selecting to import from an older Identity. This time we’re going to remove the database file then let Outlook create a new one. You have to be able to see the contents of the message in order to find the message using Spotlight in the Finder.

Outlook no longer stores messages, contacts, notes, tasks & events in the database. Copy the Contacts, Events, Folders, Mail Accounts, Message Attachments, Message Sources, Messages, Note and Signatures folders into the new identity’s Data Records folder replacing the new folders from your Identity that will not rebuild or repair. If you can still open and edit the message, add a non-word like qquuaarrkk or use a specific phrase in the message that would be unique to this message.

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