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23-Oct-2015 05:32

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I think ENTP women are slightly meaner than the guys, and this I think comes from their lower eligibility for being punched in the face or demonized.They can say stuff and get away with it which, if a guy said it, he'd either be smacked, or gain the reputation for being an asshole, and nobody would like him.Not saying I haven't seen something similar with INx Js that start to act like ESx Ps, though...kind of hope I'm not one of those, at least not in any extreme way.ENTP men seem more likely to be religious types when they're older, more focused, a little more reckless, and can be a bit unsophisticated.ENTP women seem a bit more devious, more random, and a little more incisive. Maybe, depends on whether they're the kind that can be kept from changing into a really eccentric and silly ISx J clone with all the negatives and none of the positives when they get older.The woman might be seen as a bitch, but at least 50% of people would respect that and see it as strength, a strong woman, etc, whilst in men, it'd just 90% of people seeing you as a jerk.I don't know what it is, but I tend to identify more with INTP men and ENTP women.

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I can easily chat someone up and make friends with strangers.

Hmm, actually maybe it's because the ENTP girls use/mimic/mirror Fe more often than the boys, or at least earlier in life? Also, the older ENTP males can be extremely dogmatic and close minded.

Which is also why the girls can be seen as a bit more devious?

I think it's what Trin wrote about - younger ENTP men really annoy me. I mean I'm older in the scheme of average ages on this forum, but I'm certainly not even middle aged yet...

INTP guys of the same age tend to at least think before they speak. I find as I get older I get mellower and gentler, and the dogmatic and sorta black/white attitude is something I associate with my teens, something I grew out of and can't imagine going back into.

In my class, we have a lot more guys than girls (a ratio of 8:1)..because of my easy-going nature (and also lack of female classmates), I have a lot of guy friends.