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30-Oct-2015 02:41

, is only 20-years-old, but she's worked with some of the biggest names in the industry (Simon Cowell, the Jonas Brothers, Barney and Friends).

Long before Miley Cyrus became Hannah Montana (let alone twerked on Robin Thicke) Disney Channel's most gushed over celebrities were the stars of the Disney Channel Original Movies.

He was absolutely perfect crush worthy material in the late 1990s and early 2000s. You watched him on TV, and in the movies, and admit it, you would have snuck away with him to that shack by the beach, just like Princess Mia did once, and it’s still a shame her foot didn’t pop.

He had the very 2002 desirable skater/surfer boy vibe, and wore those white shell choker necklaces that were all the rage.

A quick google search will turn up nothing, because trust me, we looked.

But, we here at Hello Giggles will not rest until we’ve uncovered our long-lost teenage love, and after many more hours googling (seriously, ) YOU GUYS, we found him again.

So drumroll, please, because what does Erik von Detten look like in the year 2016? He’s got some sort of Paul Rudd voodoo going on here.

Now we’ve gotta admit that information about him is actually very scarce.

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This means that Erik von Detten still remains a little bit of a ~mystery~ and that means we’re swooning over him once again.

In 2001 he played the hot-but-dumb jerk in The Princess Diaries and, later, joined the cast of short-lived TV series Dinotopia and Complete Savages.

A Disney Channel staple — one they seemed to play every two weeks since its release in 1998 — was inline skating movie Brink! told the story of Andy "Brink" Brinker, an inline skater who must decide between joining a corporately sponsored inline skating team of sticking with his "Soul Skaters." Yes, the movie was basically a gigantic commercial for rollerblades (which I still think are super cool, you guys) but the real pull of the film was the ultimate '90s DCOM star, Erik Von Detten.

Von Detten was the floppy-haired surfer dude who made everything he did look effortlessly cooler, and he was everywhere in the '90s and early 2000s. Von Detten co-starred in the Disney Channel series So Weird as Clu Bell, a paranormal-investigating teen.

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It’s clear from the lack of IMDB credits that von Detten has left Hollywood behind maybe not forever, but at least for right now.

According to the Erik von Detten Facebook profile we dug up, he’s working for Rosland Capital as a broker.

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