Error updating the administration application pool credentials

30-Mar-2016 21:07

This is primarily intended for converting X.509 certificates from a human-readable format (.asn) into a computer-readable format (.bin): certutil -decodehex ss64“And yet I do observe that audiences which used to be deeply affected by the inspiring sternness of the music of Livius and Naevius, now leap up and twist their necks and turn their eyes in time with our modern tunes” ~ Cicero (De Legibus II.39 c. Related: CERTREQ - Request certificate from a certification authority Q889250 - How to decommission a Windows enterprise certification authority and remove all related objects from Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft launched, early this year, a new monitoring service that is part of the System Center family: Global Service Monitor (GSM).

Set extension for pending request Cert Util [Options] -setextension Request Id Extension Name Flags {Long | Date | String | @In File} Options: [-v] [-config Machine\CAName] Request Id: Numeric Request Id of a pending request Extension Name: Object Id string of the extension Flags: 0 is recommended.

1 makes the extension critical, 2 disables it, 3 does both.

If the last parameter is numeric, it is taken as a Long.

If it can be parsed as a date, it is taken as a Date.

] [-v] -decodehex In File Out File Decode Base64-encoded file to binary Cert Util [-f] [-v] -decode In File Out File Encode a binary file to Base64 Cert Util [-f] [-v] -encode In File Out File [-Unicode Text] Encode a file as Hex Cert Util [-f] [-v] -encodehex In File Out File Hex encoded files are around 3x larger than base64, in most cases -encode is more useful.

System Center Global Service Monitor is a cloud service that provides a simplified way to monitor the availability of external-web-based applications from multiple locations around the world, from the perspective of the customers who use them.

GSM allows you to differentiate problems related to external factors, such as Internet or network problems, from application or service problems.

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