Everyones guide to online dating dating guide

17-Oct-2015 10:06

Right away, I checked out his profile, liked what I read, and sent him a message. In a span of a month, we went through all the online “getting to know you” stages.

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Given the many opinions and – ahem – constant evolution of the Internet dating scene, who better than a success story to help guide you through the process, its potential – and many – pitfalls?

An experienced participant of long-term, long-distance relationships, I’ve never let proximity get in the way of true love and I’m a travel lover – so I signed up for OKCupid and didn’t limit myself. He really didn’t know anyone in his area and worked from home, so he had very limited opportunities to meet anyone new.

He’d had a few girlfriends in the past and had tried casual dating for a while, but nothing had evolved into a serious relationship.

And originally, he just wanted to find someone to hang out with and get to know.

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For some reason, he landed on my profile, and I happened to be online.That was enough time to make him realize that I was the one, the one to make him go back to the States, sell all his possessions, quit his job, and come back to be with me. So now that we’re all starry-eyed and hope-filled, onto the serious stuff.