Evolutionary psychology and dating who is kanye west dating right now

15-Jan-2015 02:58

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Buss and colleagues in the 1980s, involving 37 cultures and 10,047 individuals.THREE years ago, Robert Kurzban spotted an advertisement for a service called Hurry Date, offering an evening of three-minute meetings with 25 potential dates.Kurzban was intrigued -- but not because he was looking for romance.

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In choosing mates, they gravitated toward youth and physical attractiveness -- markers of fertility and health.By contrast, females, for whom conception meant pregnancy and the need to care for a child, were more selective, searching for long-term commitments from males with the resources and willingness to invest in them and their offspring.*Theory's evolution Support for this theory came from a landmark study by psychologist David M.What the researchers discovered was that men and women chose their dates on the basis of "generally agreed upon mate values," the mating market hypothesis.Another finding: Both sexes relied mainly on physical attractiveness, largely disregarding factors such as income and social status."Hurry Date participants are given three minutes in which to make their judgments," the psychologists wrote in a paper published in the May issue of the science journal Evolution and Human Behavior, "but they mostly could be made in three seconds."The Hurry Date research is one example of the everyday applications of evolutionary psychology, an interdisciplinary field that is influential and controversial.

One branch of evolutionary psychology focuses on the distinct mating preferences and strategies of men and women.For example, because our male ancestors were easily able to sire numerous children at little cost to their fitness, the theory says, they were inclined to short-term mating with multiple partners.