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Although the NESARA proposal has been presented to many Congresspersons over the years, and some have expressed interest in the proposal, it hasn't yet built up sufficient support for even introduction to Committee, much less to a full vote by Congress.

The making of charitable donations to firemen and policemen is a good thing, but the scam artists simply divert the donations to their own pockets.

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Some of the same people who helped keep alive the myth that Omega Trust & Trading would eventually pay out millions of dollars for every 0 sent to “trader” Clyde Hood (now convicted and serving a lengthy prison sentence), are now saying that Omega Trust & Trading and the other “original Prosperity Programs” will still pay out their millions/ billions/ trillions/ quadrillions of dollars when (not if) the “true NESARA law” is finally announced.The scam artists pitching the NESARA scam claim that the “ True NESARA Law” was already adopted by Congress in 2001, but that Congress has been keeping it a secret all this time (like anybody in Washington D. can really keep a secret about anything), and that soon the “ True NESARA Law” will be announced.

A grand, romantic space with cathedral ceilings, stained-glass floor-to-ceiling windows, Steeple Hall located on the second floor of Mission Oak Grill preserves the natural history of the church with modern amenities.… continue reading »

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This belief also would support the 80/20 I wrote up some simple statistics stuff that supports that both of the above are connected but it ended up getting too complicated and would have probably been flamed by some big shot Stats PHD student telling me my notation is wrong or some bull**** like that.… continue reading »

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Good heart disease Yes he deserved 'another' popular and current Firefighter and From. … continue reading »

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