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As the future king of Deviluke, he can have many concubines. During class, Momo becomes popular among the boys, while Nana greets a mysterious girl looking out the window. As Yami is an obstacle to her harem plan, Momo tries to secretly enlist Yami in her harem plan by convincing her to enroll.

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It later gained an anime TV series adaptation series that aired between October and December 2012.The first season of To Love Ru: Darkness anime series is composed of 12 episodes and 6 OVAs.Now a student, Momo winks at Rito, reminding him of their conversation last night in the bathtub (in the first OVA).Momo overheard Rito's concern about marrying multiple girls and explained to Rito that many girls love him and marrying them all would make everyone happy.

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The story begins with Rito rudely awakened by each Deviluke alien.Rito explains his routine life and is most concerned with Momo due to her deceptive intentions. Lala tries to encourage Rito to confess to her, but Rito pushes Lala to a corner and explains to he that the situation is complicated, as people are legally allowed to marry only one person. Momo and Nana surprise everyone with their sudden enrollment in school.