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06-Aug-2016 14:44

Did you not exercise today or exercise below your normal amount of exercise? Drinking actually hurts sleep quality and resulting in frequent awakenings during the night.

There is a reciprical relationship between these behaviors and sleep where these behaviors are known to affect sleep and sleep is known to affect these behaviors.

All of these behaviors are evaluated based on a three point scale where a green icon correponds to good behavior, a yellow icon corresponds to mediocre behavior, and a red icon corrsponds to bad behavior.

How you evaluate the behaviors and what the evaluation represents is up to you and it is based on making comparisons within yourself.

For example, if you feel that you were behaving at your normal level of productivity, then for the productivity icon you would select the middle, yellow productivity icon.

The daily behaviors that can be tracked using Proactive Sleep include: mood, productivity, exercise, diet, alcohol use, caffeine use, and medication use.These behaviors were chosen because they are the behaviors that sleep clinicians typically ask their patients to track.

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