Face to face naughty chats

26-May-2015 06:16

"In effect, what he's doing is creating a silent barrier to shut you out and create a safe haven for himself."Handle-him help: His Lone Ranger stance may not have anything to do with you, but something has clearly upset him and the man needs some time alone.

"Men require space in order to maintain their sense of independence, which is a central component to their identity," says Gratch.

"It may take the average guy 20 minutes to an hour to relax and fully process a situation; however, it's crucial for you to allow him that time period to think," says psychotherapist Jonathan Robinson, author of Communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict.

Then when he does seem more like himself, approach him and say something like "What was going on before?

But one thing is certain: When your guy turns his head to the right or left midconversation so you're talking to him in profile, he's in no mood to chat."He's using this head turn to increase the physical distance between the two of you without actually stepping backward and moving his entire body away from you," says Givens.