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Wishing all our hindus who celebrate this festival a blessed Thaipusam. Please check your manufacturing date on tires before you buy the tires. Vehicle tires have a 4-year validity period from their Date of Manufacture (DOM).Thereafter, the tires expires and may burst whilst in use. First, please check for a stamp like this : (*1644*).Fits on Honda C100EX Cub Dream and Honda Wave100/Dream/Astrea/Citi/Supra/Biz 100 underbones.(49.5mm stroke, horizontal cylinder cooling fins) underbones/scooter models.The Race proven Stage 3 "Turbo" Camshaft by Faito Racing is made from quality material for longer durability.This cam has a very sharp profile and duration of 270 degrees, providing maximum power for your motor at high RPMs but will run roughly at low RPMs. During rains, make sure you wear a bike helmet that has visor fogging, because with moisture in the air, helmet may get fogged up easily. Biker’s rain jackets to protect you from excessive rain. Rain cover for shoes protects your shoes from excessive rain and discomfort. During rains, drive slow and turn on your vehicle lights. For two-wheeler riders wear bright coloured clothes and wear a mask. Drive slow in hazy conditions and turn on your vehicle lights. Get your vehicle serviced in time to avoid unforeseen breakdowns in hazy conditions. Happy Thaipusam to all members who profess Hinduism in Malaysia in 2015.What was the time Thaipusam is when all Hindus will gather together for celebration according to your own belief, just like other festivals as well.

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I 1200pesos CAMS Faito Wave100/110/XRM110 Low Cam 1600pesos Faito Sniper Low Cam 1900pesos Faito Mio Souli 115 Low cam 2400php Faito Mio Souli 115 Sphp Faito Mio Souli 115 Turbo 2500php Faito Wave125/XRM125 Low Cam 2200pesos Faito Wave110/XRM110 S4 Evo Cam 1500pesos Faito Wave125/XRM125 S4 Evo Cam 1500pesos Faito Wave125/XRM125 Turbo Cam 2200pesos Faito Sniper Turbo Cam 2200pesos VALVES Faito Engine Valve Set Rev 2valves 570pesos Faito Engine Valve Set Rev 4valves R150 SNIPER 1000pesos Faito Engine Valve Set Titanium 1300pesos Faito Clutch Lining w/ Gasket 800pesos VALVE SPRINGS Faito Valve Spring 2valves 1000pesos Faito Valve Spring 4valves 2000pesos GEARS Faito Wave125 4th Gear 1000pesos Faito Wave100 4th Gear (22T+22T) 1350pesos Faito Wave Dash 3rd Gear (19T+24T) 2200pesos Faito Wave Dash 4th Gear (23T+25T) 2200pesos Faito Sniper 1st, 2nd & 4th Gear (32T 29T 21T) 2600pesos Faito Sniper 4th Gear (21T) 1000pesos Faito Raider150 1st Gear (13T+33T) 3000pesos Faito Raider150 2nd Gear (15T+26T) 2200pesos Faito Raider150 5th Gear (21T+21T) 2200pesos Faito Raider150 6th Gear (24T+21T) 2200pesos Faito Mio 12T/41T Gear 2200pesos Faito Mio 14T/43T Gear 2200pesos Faito Beat 13T/46T Gear 2200pesos Faito Beat 13T/47T Gear 2200pesos Faito Complete Gear Set Faito Wav125 Complete Gear Set 8500pesos Faito Wave Dash Complete Gear Set 8200pesos Faito Wave100 Complete Gear Set 7250pesos Faito Sniper Auto Complete Gear Set 8200pesos Faito Sniper Clutch Complete Gear Set 8200pesos Faito Sniper MX 6 Speed Complete Gear Set 12000pesos Faito Raider150 Complete Gear Set 11000pesos Faito Meteor Connecting Rod stock size Wave100 1400pesos Wave Dash 1500pesos Beat 1650pesos Shogun 125 1600pesos Vega Force 1650pesos Mio Soul/Sporty/Amore/Fino 1600pesos Mio125 1650pesos Sniper 1650pesos Sniper MX 1650pesos Faito Connecting Rod Set Jack Rod Wave 1700pesos Sniper 2000pesos Faito Crankshaft Jack Up Wave100 +2.4mm 6000pesos Wave125 +4mm 6700pesos Raider150 +5mm 9000pesos Sniper Clutch +4mm 7500pesos Wave dash +3.5mm 6700pesos Mio Classic 8200pesos Faito Engine Bearing Set Lite Tech Mio125 1600pesos Mio Soul 1500pesos Vega Force 1400pesos Wave Dash 1400pesos Wave125 1400pesos Wave 100 1400pesos Beat 1550pesos Sniper Clutch 1500pesos Sniper MX 1500pesos Fury125 1500pesos Shogun125 1550pesos Faito Crankshaft Bearing Lite Tech Wave125 650pesos Wave100 650pesos Wave Dash 650pesos Beat 680pesos Sniper Clutch 700pesos Sniper MX 700pesos Mio125 700pesos Shogun125 650pesos Raider150 920pesos Faito Camshaft Bearing S720 Wave125 1000pesos Mio Soul 1000pesos Sniper 1200pesos Beat 1000pesos Wave Dash 1000pesos Faito Crankshaft Bearing S720 Wave125/XRM125 1600php Wave100/Wave110/XRM110 1500php Beat/Scoopy 1600php Fury125/Aura 1600php Sniper MX 1600php Mio Soul/Mio 125/MX125 1600php Shogun 125 1600php Raider 150 1800php Faito Engine Bearing Set S720 Wave125/XRM125 3200php Wave100/Wave110/XRM110 3200php Wave Dash 3200php Beat/Scoopy 3600php Fury125 3600php Raider 150 4500php Sniper MX 3200php Mio Soul/Sporty/Amore/Fino 3550php Mio 125 4500php Vega Force 3200php Faito Manual Cam Chain Tensioner 1100pesos each Fury125 Wave125 Raider150 Sniper Mio Soul Faito Steering Cone Bearing 500pesos each Mio Sniper Beat Wave125 Faito Gear Oil 100ml - 100 php Faito Fork Oil 250ml - 180 php Faito Chain Wax Gold Label 240ml - 350 php Faito Wave100 53mm Block Kit w/o Gasket 2600pesos Faito Universal Racing Plug Wire - 600pesos Faito sparkplag cap 350pesos Faito Brake Pad Street Sport 300pesos each Faito jettings 150pesos each Faito pressure plate w// clutch spring R150 1450pesos Faito Brake Shoe Wave125 Gold 550pesos Faito Brake Shoe MIO 750pesos Faito power filter angled 700pesos Faito power filter straight 550pesos Faito Clutch Spring Wave125 650pesos Wave100 550pesos Sniper Auto 600pesos Raider150 600pesos WAG NYO CONTAKIN YUNG PHONE KO KASI WALANG SIGNAL DUN SA PUPUNTAHAN KO.The First two digits are the week so 1614 is sixteen week in 2014.Therefore, *1614* shows that the said tires is manufactured in the 16th week of the year 2014. Please check all your tires for safety purposes including spare tires. They are likely to burst, especially when running in hot weather because the rubber component may have hardened and cracked. WAG NYO CONTAKIN YUNG PHONE KO KASI WALANG SIGNAL DUN SA PUPUNTAHAN KO.

This Faito Racing Stage 1 "Low Cam" Camshaft is made from quality material for longer durability.

still higher than the standard cam, with a duration of 258 degrees, will provide the best results for a higher RPMs for the daily ridden lightly modified motor. Fits on Honda Innova ANF/Wave 125 and Honda Biz 125 underbones.

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