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I am treating this piece as a performance art piece, not a blog post.

Each time someone from the animal rights/vegan community wants to write an article about how white the animal rights/vegan movement is, I hope that they choose one person from this list to write an article about instead.

Mc Jetters participated in the 2015 Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matters conference.

Mc Jetters is also a collaborator for Striving with Systems. Kimberly Elise As a famous actress, Elise is known for playing in films like “With the deletion of meat and animal products from my diet came a physical blossoming I never planned on.

My skin cleared up, my hair grew in thicker and stronger, my moods became more peaceful and more joyful.” Dr.

As I said in a previous post “Veganism without politicization only yields de-contexualized diets.” If you know of other black vegans that are not listed, please comment with their name and bio.

She is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for two new book projects Christopher-Sebastian is a well-known activist who is currently a staff writer at Vegan Publishers.He also organizes events and discussions relative to exploring the intersectionality of veganism and other movements for social justice including women, the LGBT community, and people of color.She has successfully organized two online conferences dealing with veganism and blackness.In April, she hosted one called The Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter.

This list is not in any particular order, and it is not meant to be completely exhaustive.

Additionally, I can’t guarantee that everyone on this list is still vegan, though they were at the time of my research.

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