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27-Mar-2015 10:04

We watched Bo make an amazing transformation into a fit, happy young woman who's now auditioning for positions that call for blonde bombshells. When someone is bring you down, they are telling you who THEY are, NOT who YOU are.

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Bo had struggled with her weight throughout her life, and when her mother passed away it only made things worse.

Bo turned to food to cope with her emotional problems, and her weight became the target of a fellow colleague's jokes. I went on because I wanted to inspire others to stand up for themselves regardless of the harshest criticisms they receive because we are all destined for greatness.

Were you nervous to have your insecurities displayed on TV?

Placing my insecurities on television was not as nerve-racking to me as it was knowing my entire career was on the line by broaching a taboo double-standard in the comedy world.

And the clip - uploaded online by Simple Pickup - has certainly been a hit with over 1.1m hits on You Tube in just two days.He says at the beginning of the vid before embarking on his quest: "The number one way to attract women is confidence, not money, not status, and especially not looks.