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id=DCEtpb UL1Pp Rs PEUb Kf4hporrhqea TD_n B Foiw2mkp Q)Colt - Buckshot - Hard Studies : Scene 6 - Brian Hansen & Adam Dexter (cum, best, images) is by far the best scene in a very good production.

Adam and Brian complement each other physically, and not just in the black-guy-white-guy way: Brian is smaller, but beautifully proportioned, while Adam is tall and rangy, with a cut-to-shreds physique.

Brian slakes his hunger by downing Adam's cock, and then Adam gets his face so far into Brian's asscrack that his nose disappears into it.

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Add this to the unique fucking positions these two men can achieve, due to their difference in physical proportion, for one thing, and you've got what is easily one of the best duo scenes ever.

In one stunning sequence, Adam shows off his upper body strength by bench-pressing Brian, and with each downward exertion, he lowers Brian's hardon deep into his waiting throat.

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