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The few times I turned around a cold girl to being interested were actually by soft-nexting her.Sporadically keep in touch with her and only try to make a move again after a few months.Maybe her situation has changed and she’s now ready to meet you because you didn’t display any neediness at all during that time.Don’t a girl as soon as you reach an obstacle though; just be wise about your time investments and don’t prioritize the girls that are cold to you from the start.If a girl is not interested in you don’t waste your time trying to convince her otherwise.For nearly all the girls I banged I had some sign of interest from the very start.

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Last year was an incredible year for me; I traveled a lot of countries across the world and smashed a lot of exotic girls.Last year I banged well over 100 girls covering the entire spectrum of personalities: I met pure angels and I met some of the worst kind too; I smashed virgins and I smashed super sluts. In the past year I had some moments when I slowed it down and had a mini relationship, other times I maintained a group of regulars and sometimes I was smashing a few new girls a day (Full Month Cunt Hunt).I did exactly what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it.Having this kind of variety not only in types of girls but also in the metre of intensity is the key to long term traveling and adventuring.

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Since January is the month of reflection and making resolutions, I’ll look back on some observations I made from banging a large variety of girls.There’s a difference between a girl that’s not attracted to you yet versus a girl that is just not interested in you. Usually this will be clear from the very first interaction with her.