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Other cases included an anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft, and suing the tobacco industry along with several states to recover health care money spent on people who suffered the effects of smoking.- Harvard Law graduate -Reno was born in Miami on July 21, 1938, the daughter of Henry and Jane Reno, two newspaper reporters.

Miami (AFP) - Janet Reno, the first female US attorney general and a lightning rod for Republican attacks during Bill Clinton's presidency, has died in Florida, US media reported. Reno died early Monday at her Miami home due to complications from Parkinson's disease, her sister Maggy Hurchalla told CNN."Janet Reno was an American original, a public servant whose intellect, integrity, and fierce commitment to justice helped shape our nation's legal landscape," wrote the White House in a statement."Her legacy lives on in a generation of lawyers she inspired, the ordinary lives she touched, and a nation that is more just."Former President Bill Clinton took to Twitter to pay homage to his former cabinet member: "Janet Reno was an extraordinary public servant who never forgot about the lives of real people."The top US law enforcement officer throughout Clinton's 1993-2001 presidency, Reno came under fire barely one month after becoming attorney general for her handling of a botched April 1993 FBI raid on an armed religious cult in Waco, Texas.

Some 80 people died when the Branch Davidian cult's compound went up in flames.

Reno helped reform the state's juvenile justice system and pursued defaulting fathers for child support payments.

She also helped establish the Miami Drug Court, which provides alternative punishment for non-violent offenders suffering from addiction.

She was one of only 16 women in the 500-strong 1960 class at Harvard Law School, where she received her degree three years later.Her experience prior to working in public service ranged from waitressing and working as a dormitory supervisor during college, to being a partner at the Miami law firm Steel, Hector and Davis from 1976 to 1978.