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This is done in a confidential relationship, in an atmosphere of mutual trust to trust, respect and honor.Since the establishment of medical practice, the public knows and acknowledges the existence of some fundamental properties inherent in itself an absolute good and wise doctor, that is purity of intention, sincerity of work, humility and scientific and moral integrity is not questionable.(f=new DOMParser,d=f.parse From String(c,"text/xml")):(d=new Active XObject("Microsoft. 1)break}else for(;g",d=Elements By Tag Name("*"),e=Elements By Tag Name("a")[0];if(!Elements By Tag Name("tbody").length,html Serialize:!! Elements By Tag Name("link").length,style:/top/.test(Attribute("style")),href Normalized: Attribute("href")==="/a",opacity:/^0.55/.test(,css Float:!! Float,check On:i.value==="on",opt Selected:h.selected,get Set Attribute:q.class Name! is Na N(parse Float(a))&&is Finite(a)},type:function(a){return a==null? In mental institutions, psychiatric social workers supervise patients who are removed permanently or temporarily, thus they help patients who have removed it in an effort to adjust themselves back in the communities where they live.

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Code of Medical Ethics Indonesia (KODEKI): Since the beginning of human history, has been known relationship of trust between two human beings that is the healer and patient.

In modern times, this relationship is called a transaction or contract between doctor and patient therapeutic.