26-Aug-2015 09:07

The number of orders coming in through the app has always been small.

As Jason put it, “it’s meaningless in terms of revenue.” But those orders put pressure on the kitchen.

Ever since Jason and Vincent laid off twelve people in February, Bento has operated with a small kitchen staff.

And that handful of people was already having trouble keeping up on busy days.

With more orders on the way, something would have to give.

That is how the app wound up on the chopping block.

He had a positive meeting with the CEO of a catering company that buys meals from Bento. “They want to do much, much, much, much more with us.

And this is super exciting.” This news also meant Jason was facing a conundrum.

The day after this episode posted, the Bento founders sent an email to customers—Jason and Vincent announced they were turning off the Bento app.

It was a big change, and a surprising one to make right after raising 0,000 from investors. When we called Jason, he explained that what led to the decision was actually a good development.

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