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30-Jan-2016 13:46

Last week we learned about the benefits of tea when consumed in quantities large enough to sustain an entire team of horses, and how not to take a mug shot, which is NOT equivocal to mugshot* (*.) This week in chapter two, we dive into a quote that Spears posted in the thick of a meme spree on the day after Valentine’s Day, Monday, Feb.

It's been a long year since we left Kimmy Schmidt victorious on the steps of a Durnsville, Indiana, courthouse, in which time Tituss Burgess got his own pinot-noir label, Ellie Kemper was somehow not banned from Soul Cycle, and Tina Fey proved herself oddly prescient about America's desire to ship Marcia Clark and Chris Darden.

Going back to the past isn't working particularly well for Jacqueline (f.k.a. Having cast off the blue-eyed chains of life as a New York socialite, she has both literally and figuratively lost her ability to see what's happening around her.

Back in 1998, when he was still using the name Ronald Wilkerson, he married his girlfriend Vonda (Pernell Walker), despite already knowing he was gay.

Then, before they even got around to their first dance, he ditched her at the reception.

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"Mississippi was my bunker," Titus tells Kimmy, and not just because of homophobia.He felt obligated to Vonda, to the five aunts who raised him (and had a collective heart attack when he skipped town), and to a career in the mulch-selling business.

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