Free adalt ads no joining

13-Mar-2016 11:06

We also have dynamic surf rates which means your surf ratio with go up the more you surf each day and the day after as well..

This is one of the most user friendly rotators for both exchange user and owner.

If your sites do not follow the rule, not only will your websites be removed, your account may be suspended.

Please make sure you check your URLs before you add them!

This will allow you to edit and replace any site you wish.

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To remedy this it's best to use a email address like a gmail email where you know it will get through here at Ark Auto assigning means simply that the credits that you have earned by surfing and from your referrals are automatically applied to the url(s) that you have listed.Pop Ups are Allowed, but should be limited to one pop-up and/or exit ad.Make sure you have ZERO % assigned to any URL you are trying to remove from your account.

A trafffic exchange is a great way for website owners, small business owners, and opportunity seekers to generate traffic to their websites. As a free member (Sailor), your site will get shown once for every three pages surfed.

An easy way to get your website shown is to use Ark Hits surf option.