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21-Jun-2016 01:13

I'm sure if you went out and took a survey, a majority of Western expats in China would say it is MUCH easier to get laid in China despite people like Archangel and triads threatening to kill them. Even if they're drunk sluts who hop right into bed with you, you're still going to have to listen to them bitch about their relationship with their mom for two hours the next day, and how come you still hang out with that jerk Bobby, he's such a jerk, and go get me some juice, can't you tell I'm thirsty? He's saying something that has been debated over and over and over on this forum, each time resulting in massive flame wars, name calling, shitloads of angered chinese nationalism and western arrogant neo-colonial racism, with no conclusive result whatsoever. I'm talking about the truth as I've stated MANY times. They seem to enjoy it also, so don't blow your load on me, especially if you're not getting any action.

Let's just say the percentage of success is MUCH higher than in the States, so population size doesn't matter.

Though I do admit there is some geographic discrimination in that I frequent the usual expat bars/clubs (VICs)/activities more than, say, practicing taichi in the morning.

Perhaps the girls in the bars/clubs/colleges/expat crowds in China are just looser than in the states?

So, in mathematical terms, let's say I get rejected by 7 out of every 8 girls in the States at bars/clubs etc.

In China I'd say it's closer to 1 out of every 2 or so at bars/clubs etc.