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In my own case I live in Tallis Lane Southcote and the grit bin which has been available for the residents of Cowper Way and Barn Close also to use for some thirty odd years has now been removed and when i contacted Reading Highways Dept they could not give a satisfactory answer. Today I have witnessed total disruption on the hill/bend where residents have been trying to get to work.

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In 2005 Andrew became the BBC's Local Radio Presenter of the Year."Mrs P and I are always collapsing into fits of giggles at home about the smallest things - it's a good job we share the same sense of humour.

The walk down to to Hambleden lock is the best in the world.

""I used to wash up every Saturday in Littlewoods restaurant. They let me on the till once but that was nowhere near as much fun and I caused a queue half way round the shop.

I also worked at the tax office for a while.""I love seventies disco and some of the new jazz artists like Renee Olstead and Michael Buble.

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Thank you desperate Day Centre Officer Hi Andrew, Im intrested to know why yet again Reading Council are slow in coming forward with regards to stating their supply of grit for the roads of Reading, all we seem to hearing is what West Berkshire has.

After the last snow fall in febuary 09 I fail to understand why a decision was made by R B C to remove 30 of the 70 grit bins distributed in the Reading area.

"Above: Andrew helps a young newsreader at the 2006 Newbury Show.

Andrew can you help me, I've seached the web to try and find Irish Dancers to entertain our elderly service users for ST Patric Day. If you have any contacts could you contact me on 01189595905.

I love observational comedy like Jasper Carrott and Harry Hill and I also think Jonathan Ross is really funny.""There are too many to choose from, but it's probably presenting part of my show from the payphone at Tescos in Newbury.I was following the radio car to an outside broadcast from a listener's house and lost it half way along on the M4.

Yes it’s a ‘risk’ but it’s little more risk than in any other dating situation. Don’t assume that because you’re being pursued or that there’s certain future talk that it ‘must’ mean that they’re over their ex and ready for a relationship. don’t assume that because they’re separated or divorced that have a Ph D in commitment or that you’ll get the same. You remember what it’s like in those first few days, weeks and even months depending on how long the relationship went on for – you may still have been in touch, arguing, negotiating, or even hooking up. You can of course chance your arm but then you have to back away when it becomes clear that the ex files haven’t been closed. If you’ve already determined your boundary on this issue, don’t bust it, I know of quite a few people who were told to wait and come back when they’d had some more time/got divorced. Most people go through a breakup or few, and it’s not a ‘flaw’ to be separated or divorced hence there’s no reason to go Some relationships and marriages don’t work out.… continue reading »

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