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In June 2014, Prime Minister Najib Razak filed defamation charges against the popular news portal for reporting on “unverified contents which could create unrest and threaten national stability, public order and economic stability.”[2] The portal had reported allegations that money linked to the state investment fund ended up in Prime Minister Najib's bank accounts.[3] Internet access in Malaysia is considered excellent for the region, despite a digital divide between rural and urban areas.Government policies that promote access are reducing this gap.Police arrested bloggers and Facebook users for making sensitive comments online in 2014.

There were fewer of these measures in the run-up to the 2013 general elections, although critical websites faced cyberattacks and censorship.Internet penetration stood at 68 percent in 2014, marking a slight increase from 67 percent in 2013.[4] This falls short of an ambitious official pledge in 2012 to increase it to 80 percent.[5] Yet those already connected are using the internet more.These abated during the coverage period, though the government has yet to investigate them.After the opposition eroded the coalition’s parliamentary majority, however, covert cyberattacks appear to have evolved into a legal crackdown on the government’s political opponents.

Worse, the government reneged on its 2013 promise to abolish the draconian Sedition Act and implemented it against dozens of opponents, even strengthening it to allow for official censorship of seditious content.

The law was used to arrest dozens of internet users during this review period.