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02-Aug-2016 00:56

• FREE personal coaching • Reduced rates on Y programs • A family-friendly, diverse atmosphere • Rewarding volunteer opportunities How to join Join online, visit your local YMCA, or call 404-267-5353.*Youth membership is only available with the purchase of an adult membership.So how does the average guy make sure his lady feels loved and special?

The average man may think it makes perfect sense to take care of an errand while driving his date to dinner or a movie.Summer college student memberships are available June, July and August (3-month membership). The YMCA seeks to identify and involve those in need.Until they meet their true soul mate, a lot of women dream of meeting someone who qualifies as their ‘Prince Charming’.A YMCA membership will help you kick start your fitness plan in a friendly, welcoming environment through free personalized one-on-one training, a wide variety of group exercise classes, convenient access to 18 Metro Atlanta locations, state-of-the art fitness equipment, top quality childcare while you workout, and fun activities for the whole family.

How to join Join online, visit your local YMCA, or call 404-267-5353.Little things such as using compliments, lifting a heavy object or offering her your seat when there’s no more available.