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If you love to play sports, Sports Chat is a chat room where you can talk about your favarites sports.In the United States, an uncle who tries to impose his will on his nieces and nephews might be viewed as a meddler who is trying to exercise illegitimate power.Async Init = function() { VK.init({api Id: 2207693, only Widgets: true}); $(function(){ $("div[id^='vk_like']").each(function(){ var params = {}; var param Key; var data = $(this).data(); for (var key in data) { param Key = key.replace( /(-)([a-z])/g , function(m,p1,p2){ return p2Upper Case(); }); params[param Key] = data[key]; } VK.

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Although the rules that govern power in a particular family may evolve as children are born, grow up, and move out, as the marital relationship changes or dissolves, or as the circumstances of the family changes, power is deemed to be fairly predictable within these stages.French and Bertran Raven (1959) took a microsystemic view of family power.Family power is important to those who want to understand how families function as a unit to make decisions about how to manage money, about where to live, about occupational and educational choices, about parenting practices, about where to go on a vacation, and so on.Family scientists define power in terms of who is able to influence others to get their way in the family, and who is able to block others from getting their way.

Informational power has its foundation in specific knowledge that is not available or is unknown to others in the family and in one's ability to verbally present the pertinent information in a persuasive way.

For example, if the man in the household is the only one who knows his income, or if he is viewed as knowledgeable about money, then he is likely to make decisions about how money is spent in the family.