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It is easy to hold I would give you sponsor form etc you would need to photocopy and then collect the sponsor money and then choose from over 3,000 books your wish list.The sponsor money is collected and the school buy books with upto 60% in free books.If you raised 600 you would receive 960 in free books.

They have various info sheets re fundraising and access to grants. They also offer them during the Spring and Summer too. We do the usual stuff Xmas fayre (usually brings in 800 - 1000), sponsored events, treasure hunts etc, film nights and discos Our most successful events have been Stars in their eyes. The teachers usually enter which brings in the kids who want to watch. The promise auction usually raises a similar figure.

First thing is to check out what licences you hold. carboot (licence req), raffles (licence req) fayre. Our fundraisers for this year are who's got talent, open gardens, quiz night and a coffee morning plus the xmas fayre.

I have joined the Parents and Friends Association at DS's school only to find out that most of the current members there will be leaving in October. Does anyone have any good fundraising ideas I can suggest?

The headmaster thinks this is fairly good news, as it will bring change and new ideas to the school (he was new last year too and has made huge improvements to the already good school). It is a very small school with just one class for each year, but last year we managed to raise quite a lot of money.

do someones ironing, gardening, washing cars, windows) Ladies night (mini treatments offered and stalls, charge them 5 and then supply some food, but they can bring their own wine) Set up a car wash for kids to wash the cars Our school got the older kids to design bags and then sold them for 2 each. the teachers stay and apparently it's a great fund raiser?They are hessian ones a bit like the tesco ones but smaller. our school has the children making items such as magnets, painting pots and they sell them before xmas/easter, usually tied in with excellence week b4 hols. I've done these before for small schools and raised large amounts and at this time of year when people are thinking about xmas it's great.